Quote of the Month

Quote of the Month
Quote of the Month: Jan. 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Finally! A New Post & A New Quote

I have been "off my game" so to speak from a three month-long medication dosage that caused horrible apathy and depression, until rather recently when it at last wore off. As a result I have finally added a new quote of the month (December's missing 'piece' will be available under the usual quote spot). In addition I feel I should apologize for making this month's quote so atrociously huge. I have no way of shrinking this unless I completely want to do it over as I create these looks myself, and I don't have any interest. Hopefully you all can deal with the abrasive largeness of this month's quote. Honestly, it has already started to grow on me...almost.

With that said: I don't have any helpful tips for ya'll just yet considering I'm finally now getting back in the swing of things. Hopefully I haven't lost any of you readers in this very long process, or will lose any of you while I work on getting other 'blog stuff' up and running again. For those of you sticking around I thank you deeply and sincerely for your patience.

Now it's personal update time:
I'm going to start a bullet/2018 goals journal that will (hopefully) help me stay on track regarding my 2018 birthday/shared New Year's resolutions. I also got THE perfect traveler's mug (becuase I surprisingly don't have one!)

It's a combo of all my favorite things! Photography, editing, and spring (very floral). I'm super happy with it, even if it's not exactly centered directly towards writing. But I'm not going to look at it like that. Want your own #EditingDay gear? Follow the #Amazon link below ! And yes, some of it actually IS geared SPECIFICALLY towards writing and not just for photography buffs. Since I happen to be both.... But like I said, find your own style today!


I don't have much more to say. And I have to begin brainstorming for a short story I have to write by Wednesday for my workshop/writing class...and read the material for that day too...yeah, I need to get on that, so I'm signing off.

P.s.: It feels really, REALLY great to write on my blog again! 💖💻

(And on my new laptop too, lol).
Bye, now!

because I suck at being productive, here's some strictly writing gear from Amazon.com! Click the hashtags below-

also, please note I am not responsible for anything else that is/may be shown on this site or that could be taken offensively. I say this as there are some mugs that contain swearing, some are just crude (i.e. showing the middle finger). Needless to say, please take caution while browsing these sites/Amazon.com; they don't always cater towards everyone. 

NOW I'm ACTUALLY signing off. But only because now I have to sleep 🤣

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!!

Well it's now 2018...that doesn't seem possible. A lot of new changes have taken part in my life... I don't wish to get overly personal here, but my am I happy!

As it is the New Year one massive cliche that's out there is Resolutions. Unlike basically everyone out there I don't create these for the new year holiday but on every birthday, then share them with others on the new year. I have my reasons for this but I don't wish to get sidetracked now by explaining what these are. So as per my personal tradition here are my goals and resolutions:

1. Stay serious about creating a space for Brigid; she's a goddess of Ireland pre-Catholicism with an interesting web of religious from shamanism, paganism, Christianity, Catholisicm, etc. And I want to combine these together
2. Look for job/internship/volunteer position. I need money and want money; tired of being unable to contribute in my household other than being a student. However I also want to contribute to the world (via volunteering), and my future career (by getting an internship). I don't see myself being able to do all three. Hell, I'll realistically be able to only do one of these things
3. Edit 10-15 pages every other day of Shattered Lives. (Super goal is 20 pages)
4. Write 10-15 pages every other day of Changing Kathryn. (Super goal is 20 pages)
5. Limit book research to 30-35 minutes

So those are some of my resolutions/goals to start. I'm still working on some, and have a few other, more personal goals I don't feel I should post here. But this is a good start. Share any of your less-personal or writing/reading goals if you have any! 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

"The best science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels of 2017"

I came across this link in my Google News Feed and thought I should share this all with you, and for my own benefit  too 😊


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Struggle Is Real/Fatigue

I want to write/ work on my novel so very badly. At the very least write something. So I decided to write this to see if it could get anything started...but I am so exhausted. And this isn't helping. In fact, I'm nearly falling asleep writing this. And each time I open up my novel I find myself staring at the current chapter in progress realizing the words look like they're written in some other language/gibberish. (I can attest it is not as I've worked n this stuff with a fully brain-fog-free mind and while well rested.) All I feel capable of doing is curling up in bed and binge watching stuff on Netflix and Hulu.

So that's my struggle for tonight.

What's yours?

Monday, November 13, 2017

A New Link & A New Helpful Tip

I just added a new link regarding what prose is versus poetry as I myself find this to be a difficult topic to discern, and was inspired to do this off a writing assignment where we have to turn prose into poetry and vice versa. Of course we were supposed to read what the differences are in our text, but it didn't clarify things, only complicated them. So naturally I turned to Google which led me to the perfect definition of prose, and the site even provided images to help back up their un-complicated definitions. Hopefully if you struggle with this problem too, this will fix it for you. I certainly finally understand the differences now. About time too, I should add.

In other news I added a new helpful tip/writing exercise titled "Raise the Stakes!" so don't forget to check that out too as it gives a whole new outlook to what should happen if one of your characters—or even your main character—should fail at something. It certainly could add an exciting element to whatever story you have in the works.

Well, that is all.
Happy browsing!