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Friday, May 13, 2016

Goodbye Home Blog

It's official: my original blog is no longer my home blog. Even though it's working I just said goodbye to it as I've realized I just couldn't hold onto something that was going to be down so often and thus my home blog has become the new side blog should anything ever happen to this one I'll always have that blog to go back to. Unless the site's down.

Even though my side blog will now be home to my permanent blogging account, I cannot change the domain without potentially screwing up access to this blog thus it sticks as the side blog. Which I suppose is fitting considering it was created after the original. Besides, I think it looks cute to be called "thesideblog" in the URL. Or maybe that's just me. But alas it is now time to bid my original home blog goodbye.

On this note here's "The Final Post" I put up on my first blog:

There's a lot of extraneous information that pertains only to my original blog, but there's one point I'd really like to highlight that comes from the final paragraph:
"I admit it's sad to let this one go; I've loved working on this blog so much, and I love the background! But as I've learned in my yoga class: Change is inevitable and in order to achieve greater things we have to let go and succumb to the change so that we can be happier in the long run." 
Funny thing is, I went back to the site's dashboard to try and get a better picture of this as it's a little blurry, small and a little pixelated (sorry about all that by the way; this was the best I could do. And this was the 4th rendition of it. Though it's by far the best, which is really saying something), or to at the very least copy and paste the text so I wouldn't have to squint as I typed it out. But wouldn't you know it! The site was already down again. It's a good thing I wrote and published this goodbye when I did.

The final words from my post to my original blog:
"So long, little bloggy. I will never forget you (seeing as you're in my bookmarks bar)."

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  1. Just discovered I can click on pictures to make them pop out and stand alone with just this blog in the background. It doesn't necessarily make the pictures larger, but it's a cool feature I thought I should mention