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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Short Stories, Separate Blogs and Other New Changes

Oh I feel like a genius! I've been wanting to post any longer short stories or opinionated articles so they can stand alone, separated from this blog so that they're not condensed down and can have more room for better visibility and legibility. Apparently a beautiful aspect of blogger is that you can have more than one blog and you can sync these together, which I'm doing via my "Link List" at the bottom of my blog.

You may have noticed too, but I also made my home page a little less intimidating post-wise as now only 5 posts will show at a time instead of 7. I know it doesn't seem like knocking off two posts will do much, but I think this small action already cleaned up my page a bit. I personally think 5 is a good number, I was actually considering going down to 4, but then I thought it wouldn't look like there was even much there. And 6 didn't seem to affect the page at all. So 5 it was. Not that this is particularly exciting news to anybody except me, perhaps.

Another thing I've added that you might have noticed is a reaction bar to my post, similar to Facebook's reaction bar. This is a work in progress and the reactions may change until I feel they have been perfected, so you might see a reaction on there today that isn't there tomorrow. But use these because they're great automatic sources for me as I can get immediate feedback and see how I'm doing.

And two final and particularly cool things I've just added in the last few minutes is a search bar, which I think could come in handy. You can type something in and search my blog, or even the web. I've also added a way to highlight a post that I feel is particularly interesting or important, but may have gotten buried by a newer post. I'm currently using my "Shout Out to...'Stuck'" post as an example to see how this particular feature 'reacts' with my blog to see if it works and how it looks.

Anyways, that's my blog's news.

Don't forget: keep your eyes peeled and check back on the "Link List" occasionally to see if there're are any new short stories or articles that appear.

Scratch that. While those things will appear there, I've made a new and even more accessible area specifically for my separate short stories and articles which will appear right between the search bar and my list of other pages; it's aptly titled "Short Stories and Articles". I've added my latest story, "Inside Sophie", which I wrote last year, I think it was.

So keep your eyes peeled because I guarantee you there will be some other new stories and opinion-based articles coming up very soon. Which I'm super stoked about! And remember, don't be afraid to react and/or comment on them. Feedback is how a writer grows, whether negative, positive, or it's just neutral critique.

Stephanie K.R.

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  1. I was looking through my blogs to make sure I've got things well organized and stumbled across this one. I'd like to emphasize a statement I made about the "Link List" that I don't think was very clear: my short stories and articles WON'T appear there. But still keep your eyes on the "Link List" as this is (only) for sites from outside sources (such as other blogs, articles not written by me, short stories I've found, etc.)I'm sure more stuff will be added there as I find new little gems around. Again, as always, any questions you have you can email me, or post them here. Thanks!