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Monday, June 27, 2016

Figuring it Out

I'm finally beginning to feel solid in my manuscript again. It's so helpful that I'm in a writing class over the summer where we get to spotlight our material for each other and help everyone out with ideas, and making sure we're staying on track with what we want from our books.

Once this version is done I'll be going through and editing out the minor errors, fix some stuff that my editor and I were working on, then do a mass send-out for anyone who wants one. I'm super excited about this final part as this will feel like this is really it. I'll then gather up the feedback and from there group all the manuscripts I sent out together and go through a mass revision process this way. I think this will really help so I can see what worked for some, what didn't work, and ultimately this will be the best feedback system. Unfortunately the hard part will be finding people who can really take time out of their schedule to really do this seriously. But I'll figure out how to get a system together that works.

Fortunately I've got time, and a lot of interested readers, and most importantly: a manuscript that feels solid once more. Now how to keep it down way below 300 pages is proving the be the tricky part! But like everything else, I'm still figuring it out.

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