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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Out Where?" - Shortie

Where was I last night? The pounding ache in my head and the erratic lights in my memory are all that I have left. That and the taste of dry jerky in my mouth. My water-logged, grass-stained, mud-soaked shirt and boxer-briefs are what little remain on my person, and the open sky above me with the sun blaring blindingly down on me only makes those stains that much more obvious, and the shirt that cleans to my chest that much more see-through.

I know I didn't stay here through the night—the lawn's too perfect despite my battered, hungover, and possibly even still drunk presence splayed out on the grass. Besides, the wife was home, and if I had been here to ruin her girls' night, I wouldn't be laying the dirt—I'd be damn well buried under it. Still, I have to wonder: Why in the name of hell am I not dead now?

The sprinklers hit me in the face again as the door flies open. Shit, I spoke too soon. Wait 'till the guys hear this! Was I even with the guys? Crap, where was I last night? Becca's going to want an answer, and quite frankly, I do too. Once I get some frigging hair of the dog in me....

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