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Thursday, June 23, 2016

"The Brutals" - Dream

Between my novel and too much Star Trek (as if that's a thing) I had this rather odd dream and decided to write it down:

Kathryn had just been told she had to go through something called 'the brutals', a trying challenge that would prove her strength, abilities, and stamina, while also increasing these as well. For her(a magical being), it was also about increasing her magical abilities and seeing what they could do. This main event was not just for her, however, but for the entire Unity crew (undercover agents) she was working with, as it was to get everyone to 'level up' so to speak. (Apparently this was part video game too?)

Leading up to this event: food stands, carnival games and more lined the gray stone tunnel through which the agents would be tested down. Music was playing loud and cheerfully; many were dancing, agents and starfleet members alike. Lt. Commander Worf was working as a hot dog vendor wearing a blue and yellow krispy-cream-like-hat, head-banging behind the counter as he served up hot dogs, giving Kathryn (me in the dream), a thumbs-up as she passed by to meet up with Wesley Crusher. Wesley gave her a large hug and told her she would do just fine and not to worry; he'd be with her because he had been assigned to go through the brutals as well.

Soon a horn rang out and the music stopped as the announcement came that "the brutals are to begin shortly". The music started up again, a techno-like bouncy beat, and almost immediately after it began it was announced over the music that "the hobbits are going to Isengard" (apparently in this moment it became part of the brutals to catch them.) Soon the announcer began to shout louder and louder, repeating himself: "The hobbits, the hobbits, the hobbits, to Isengard, to Isengard..." (I'm sure you know the song. If not here it is: "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard remix", and sorry in advance it's blurry. I just posted it for convenient reasons, not for the graphics).

Anyways, back to the dream: so everyone starts running because they need to catch the hobbits but the second they started down the tunnel I woke up; the song got too loud and eventually I realized that this was my alarm going off. (Yes, my alarm is from a part of this famous Hobbit remix. Don't judge!)

And that's the dream of 'the brutals'.

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