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Monday, July 11, 2016

Novel Length

Ever since I pumped out an 800 paged novel (biggest regret, though it would have been an even bigger regret if I had officially published it), I've cut ti back. But now I've been terrified I'm going to pump out another really long book. Fortunately one thing I've just looked up is an average novel length as well as a word count and got these numbers: 240 pages/60,000 words is the typical length for most mainstream novels (from: Writing Fiction: How Many Pages Make a Novel? - Writing for the Web). Fortunately I'm only on page 170 (not including glossary section). However I am at 67,000+ words. Still, I feel like I'm doing well, and there's also a lot of stuff I've deleted on my manuscript that hasn't yet been transferred to the actual word document, so those numbers are sure to decrease...until I start redoing and adding in the new ending. But I feel like I'm in a pretty good safety zone right about now.

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