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Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Mobile Blogger Account

I'm so psyched!!! I just got the blogger app for my phone. Now I can write posts wherever I go :)

However feel I should forewarn all of you that my phone does a horrible job at auto correcting spelling, and the keypad is slightly broken so it doesn't do a great job at spelling anyhow. So do expect errors, though I will do everything I can to keep these errors down to a minimum, and when I see them I will correct them as soon as I possibly can. 


Bringing the Sims to Life!

This is not something I would normally ever think about until now, but it's all for fun, and not anything remotely serious. It's a life-like Sims 'magazine' via blog!

Before I explain why I'm doing this, let's just say I'm a big fan of stuff like larping & dnd, and this crosses over into games such as Minecraft, Fable, and even most of all, The Sims (more specifically Sims2 as that's the version I have). And while I play Sims I constantly think: What if the lives of these Sims were shown in magazines as if they were people? And how cool would it be if there was a place others could share their Sims stories and Sims houses? (Just as I think there could be a Minecraft edition, or perhaps merely a page or two here and there in the same 'magazine').

I'd call it "SimLife" magazine and I think I'll be doing something like this real soon as this idea keeps popping up in my head constantly, which I find absolutely funny.

So there you have it. That's my idea on how to bring the Sims to life (hoping this idea is not already out there on some odd chance that it is).

(Assuming there are no copyrights to this, SimsLife coming soon via The Secret Writer)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dial 666

Unfortunately there's a phenomenon of ignorance around the realm of Satanism. People who aren't Satanists often cower in fear of the word. And it's understandable why they do: Hollywood, and in cases where followers take the idea of this religion to extreme heights, give a rather inaccurate portrayal of what Satanism actually is, thus overshadowing what it's supposed to be about. And in the process giving non-followers and non-practitioners reasons to be scared.

"Dial 666" is the title of another story idea I've just come up with: This one would be a fictional tale about the followings into the realm of Satanists/Satanism, an accurate-as-possible portrayal of what Satanism is really about, and what it's really for. I don't know yet how I will come to write this story. I might have to go undercover-style to get a real look into some of the things people are doing. But I can tell you—no, promise you—it's not actually all '666! Call on the devil to feed off our souls and pray on sheep and slaughter animals' b.s. that you've seen or heard on the TV.

In all actuality it's actually a peaceful movement.  There are two types: Atheistic and Theistic. "atheistic Satanist beliefs emphasize personal development and free thought...the most direct path to individual fulfillment and self-actualization" (Thorpe). (I personally put those words in bold to differentiate the terms more clearly). Meanwhile there are the theistic Satanists in which "the vast majority of theistic Satanists do not see Satan as a destructive figure of absolute evil, neither do they typically practice an inverted form of Christianity. Rather, they view the God of the Abrahamic faiths as a vengeful deity, who seeks to enslave or oppress humanity" (Thorpe).

I don't know how I'd even start to write a book on this, but there you have it.

Note: all informative quotes on Satanism comes from an article titled What Is the Difference Between Wiccans and Satanists? by Aaron Thorpe. If you wish to read more on this, follow the link in red bold 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

A New Novel Idea!

This one won't be written for a while, but I wanted to throw this new idea out there, and possibly see if anyone can offer any ideas for the future of this new book I'm planning on writing. It will be totally non-fiction, something I've never done before, but it will be my personal autobiography. I've now had several people tell me I should write one, so now here I am, officializing (my own made-up word) a current plan in the making.

The title: Morwiccatheist, said MORE-wicca-θee-ist (Now for anyone who doesn't know—I certainly didn't know this myself, thus thought it would be good to share—the middle part with the weird O (the part in bold) is actually how to phonetically write the pronunciation of 'th' as seen in a word such as "thick", for example).

Contrary to the title, which is a combination of the words Mormon, Wicca (perhaps obviously), and atheist (perhaps even more obvious), this book won't actually focus on the aspect of religion much at all, but will actually be a reflection of my life. I'll be pulling out old journals, scrounging up past facebook posts, and will also use real life people (though of course all names will be changed unless requested otherwise). I'll also use stuff from my blog entries, and stuff from my writing group Pen Guardians.

Oooh, I'm so excited to begin story-boarding this book!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Writer's Block is Over!!!

I've been so consumed by recent writer's block I've stayed away from all things writing. But I've recently 'recovered' so now I'm back on the writing horse so to speak; I'm finally able to get back to the manuscript, and blogging, and just writing in general.

Yesterday was when the wall broke down at long last and I wrote what I think is something beautiful. I'm really proud of it, and I'm not going to share the whole thing yet as I need to edit it first, but here's the last line that I won't let anyone tweak unless they offer some absolutely great advice I just can't turn down it (yes it is that important to me)

From Changing Kathryn 70,000 first serial rights 2016:

"An eye for an eye makes a whole world blind. A life for a life only leads to extinction.” -Jake Michaels

Well that's all I'm going to say for now. I really want to get back to working on my book; I am absolutely jonesing!!!!

Oh, p.s.:

I think it goes without saying, but because I was avoiding writing-stuff I haven't checked my blog email, and I haven't done anything on Pen Guardians in a while. I will get back to that this evening, but right now I'm too determined to continue working on my book for the afternoon. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The URL For Reading About Editing

I found this link about editors and what they do so I'm posting it here so that I can read it later, or that you can peruse this for yourself. I'd write more on this, but I'm running out of time (I have places to be) so there you have it-


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Page Count Update!!!

I'm super psyched-

Just checked to see my page count for the heck of it: 139

That's incredible (to me). I'm so happy! And that's with all the new stuff I've added. There's still some stuff I have to delete, and just a chapter or two I have to add and then I'm done. But 139 is excellent!!!! (especially compared to the original 805 count that was so overwhelming I could hardly even breathe)

Tuning Out Criticisms

Currently I'm in Eugene visiting my parents and I went to a face-to-face writer's meet up this morning where I've figured out why I've been having so much trouble finishing my book.

I've got it exactly where I've wanted it to go, despite minor errors and slight new additions and things that should be deleted. So I've been struggling with why the heck I can't finish my book. The meetup helped me break it down:

I'm currently an editor (in training) so I'm looking at everything through my writer's eye, but also through the eye of an editor. In order to accomplish anything (in my book), however, I have to just get my writer's voice out and going, then once that's out the critic has to come out and the writer's voice has to be silent.

In other words only one voice at a time should ever be speaking.

This is going to help me tremendously!