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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bringing the Sims to Life!

This is not something I would normally ever think about until now, but it's all for fun, and not anything remotely serious. It's a life-like Sims 'magazine' via blog!

Before I explain why I'm doing this, let's just say I'm a big fan of stuff like larping & dnd, and this crosses over into games such as Minecraft, Fable, and even most of all, The Sims (more specifically Sims2 as that's the version I have). And while I play Sims I constantly think: What if the lives of these Sims were shown in magazines as if they were people? And how cool would it be if there was a place others could share their Sims stories and Sims houses? (Just as I think there could be a Minecraft edition, or perhaps merely a page or two here and there in the same 'magazine').

I'd call it "SimLife" magazine and I think I'll be doing something like this real soon as this idea keeps popping up in my head constantly, which I find absolutely funny.

So there you have it. That's my idea on how to bring the Sims to life (hoping this idea is not already out there on some odd chance that it is).

(Assuming there are no copyrights to this, SimsLife coming soon via The Secret Writer)

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