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Friday, September 16, 2016


This is utterly non-writing related, but I wanted to post something  because I haven't in awhile. I'm currently in the big sky state, charging my phone sitting in a Starbucks in Safeway, but this isn't your a stage run-of-the-mill kiosk. It's a complete lounge area with a fireplace and plug-in outlets along the booths in which I'm sitting.

Well I am going to take lots of photos, though I probably won't be posting much of anything. At least not for awhile!

I have also been seriously blog-deprived. I didn't post it before because I didn't want to jinx anything, but now that everything has been finalized I would like to officially announce I am changing universities and will be transferring to UO (University of Oregon) and will be minoring in Writing, while simultaneously duel majoring in English and Journalism. I am so super stoked!!!!

Moving to Eugene from Monmouth has been a bit of a culture shock. And for anyone who doesn't know Oregon, it's important to note that for starters Eugene is there times the size of Monmouth. And filled with progressive/liberal thinkers. And homelessness. And there's actually stuff to do!! Oh, and I'm going from a university of 6000 to 25,000 (and UO is apparently considered to be one of Oregon's smaller achools haha).

And on that note, I think I will bid this post adieu...though I'm thinking in investing the time to make a new travel blog of our journey, and all other travels. Hmm...certainly something to consider.....


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  1. I can't honestly believe, looking back on this post, I ever had the plan to have English and Journalism as my dual majors. After one year and I realize now what a mistake that was. I have never been happier living the life as an Anthropology B.S. Major. Of Course, that Creative Writing Minor hasn't moved an inch. That is still very much apart of me, as it was always meant to be <3