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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hello, World!

First off, sorry for the corny title. Couldn't think of anything else in the moment.

With that said: It's been ten days since I've posted anything, but it feels more like a lifetime. So, for anyone who wants to know what's been up with me, I'm about to get personal and here it is:

I'm currently enrolled at UO and LOVING IT! I'm part of an accapella group titled "Euphonics", and I'm part of a really cool meetup group, plus I've also started a Latin study group. I've thus been gaining a budding social life, and rapidly, I should add, while taking 14 credits. I never thought this would be my life, never in a million years! And I'm absolutely in love. Not with a person, no, I am happily single in that department (hoping to keep it that way too, for awhile).

It has been so amazing living in Eugene, and I am so grateful I took the leap to move here. I have honestly never felt happier, or more at home than I do here. So, with that said, thanks Eugene and my many, and much loved friends here. It's been so great and I can't wait to see what other adventures are going to unfold :)

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