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Sunday, October 2, 2016

My "Favorite Links List" Is Gone!!!!

I just discovered as I was going through my blog that my FLL has disappeared when I updated my new arrangement.

I will be sure to get this back up and running as soon as possible (though I must say I will not be able to get this back up in a single day). However, it will be different than what you may remember. So please, if there was something useful that you liked and you can't find it, email me or comment below with a description and/or a title if you can remember, and I'll go on a search for it and add it.

For added benefit, I will be changing things up a bit and having the link list go alphabetically instead of the random chaos it once was. But again, this will take awhile. So to get me a helpful head start, I'm going to add some of the titles of links to this post that I remember well, just as I cannot get to this right away, but I'd still like to get a head start on this.

Thank you for your patience! And feel free to correct me on any (most likely) inaccurate links I'm adding below if you remember any of them in their original forms.

Best regards!
-Stephanie K.R.

P.s.: My opinionated articles have also been accidentally deleted from my blog page too, so those will be going up again soon, as well.

Remembered Links/Titles:

  • "Cute Boys" (blog)
  • "Chicago MLA Format" (I have to double check on this...I think it may be in my list of helpful pages instead)
  • "CreateSpace"
  • A writer's blog on successful writing blogs, publishing, etc. I think his name is Ryan? Or Olly?....I should have this in my mailing list
  • Freelance Editor (Chang?)
  • My original blog 
  • Information on publishing houses
  •         "           "   becoming/finding a freelance editor
  •         "           "   self publishing
  • Em-Dashes vs. En-Dashes (this might be in my helpful pages though)

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