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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Starting Over

Sometimes the best thing to do when you're stuck, is to completely erase everything you've just worked on and start over from scratch with a new, well, everything.

That's exactly what I'm doing with "Changing Kathryn". I've deleted the book (I've saved and kept all original copies) and now I'm starting over with an entirely different beginning, with a whole new outlook, and so forth. I think I'll post the original copy to my blog once I'm done with the new one, just for the hell of it. But that won't be for a long while!

I'm so excited (once again) to see where this novel could be going, and to see if I'll successfully finish it after all. Of course I'm now dealing with a 16-credit homework work load, but I don't think this will hinder me too much. Then again, we shall see.

Well so long. I have my first essay to write...and it's due in < 4 hours!

Got to get on it...

(p.s.: see my "Helpful Tip #16..." for more info on starting over)

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