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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Drive Idea

I'm going to warn you I am incredibly tired and thus I'm going to write, post it, and hope there aren't any errors. Why not just edit it after wards, you might ask?

Because that's not how I'm doing it, that's why.


I have taken up to doing a new thing with my reworking version of "Changing Kathryn" and that is this:

I'm writting it out via Google Drive and splittling the chapters up into different files. This way I can comment on sections that don't make sens or that I ahve questions about, and not get over logged with comments, and getting lost and so forth. There's also the fact that i I go back to my original editor I can send her small files instead of a giant overwhelming big one. I think just in general this will prove to be a good idea. And as for the comments: It's a brilliant way for me to leave myself editora notes without getting bogged down with nitpicking when I'm supposed to just be writing and letting the idea s flwo and so forth.

Well that's abotu it. Don't know why I felt that was so mandatory to share, perhaps so you could feel as if you've learned soemthing for ideas on writing via google drive too. Btu there it is. Asbolutely arbitrary mundane facts about my writing.

But actually, I really am excited. Maybe NOW I'll fianlly be abel to get this novel going soemwhere. Then again, maybe not. It's not looking too hopeful after seven+ years of me saying the same damn thing over and over. But who knows? Maybe the being 23 will be my lucky charm somehow....

Nevermind that probably didn't make much sense.

Okay. Good night!

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