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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's November Time!

I am writing, as promised, and with a legit announcement: To celebrate the first day this wonderful late fall month, I am formally and cordially inviting YOU, dear readers, to test-drive (or should I say read?) my first teaser chapter of my book-in-progress. There are many new words, comments I have written for myself, and well, a lot of plot details to keep track of, and thus I have to know: Does it all work? Is it more confusing than entertaining? Is it too easy to get bogged in all the "newness"? These are necessities for me to know so that I may succeed. Also, as I have been using GoogleDrive/Docs so there will be many errors as GDocs doesn't catch everything that word does (but I have my reasons for using this; at least for now).

Now, if you are familiar with my blog, you might have seen what's below from "Requesting All Readers". If not, then here's the deal: If you're just reading this to read it, that's fine. But in the way of critiquing, if you so wish to do so but have never done this before, here are a few ideas for what to comment on:
  • Errors
  • Legibility (hard to read/understand v. easy to read/understand)
  • Likability (hated it v. loved it) 
    • and please explain WHY (instead of "I hated this" explain "I hated this because..." - if you can't think of anything super explicit, still give as best a reason as you can)
  • Things to elaborate on 
    • Things I should detract from
  • Things to delete
    • Things I should add
  •  Whatever else you wish to focus on

Well, that's it. Email me if you don't wish to post publicly, otherwise enter the conversation whenever you can here: "Changing Kathryn - Chapter Teasers"

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