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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Smooth Sailing - A Writing Update

It's funny that when I started writing chapter IV (4) I really thought I was going to have to scrap it. At first I did, fortunately making the good decision to have a copy before I trashed the original. Then I went straight into another idea. Turned out that halfway through, I realized to make it work, I actually did need the original IV, and made the updated version chapter V (5). I'm so surprised that this work is going along with very few hitches, and in fact, I feel like I have a better grasp on all the details revolving around not just the people, but the new settings I've placed the characters in, and all the gadgets they've been offered, and so forth. I'm really excited with what I'm doing! I just hope tat it comes across to my readers as well as I think it will.

Fortunately that's why I've created the teaser chapters blog.

Now I know I said I'd put up chapters II and III, but I'm thinking instead I might just skip right into chapter IV as it's been harder to work through this one, and I want to make sure it flows smoothly. Plus copyrights are an issue, and I fear that if I just go ahead and post my entire book to the blog, I could wind up having some issues to work around.

So on that note I'm going to go right back to it. And remember, keep an eye out for Ch.IV- it's almost done!

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