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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Responsibility Shirked, New Responsibility Aquired

So I completely forgot I had posted that I originally said I would be fixing the links list- the only reason I realized it too was because I had news about my "Changing Kathryn" novel site...and when I was about to post it, well, oops!

Needless to say I did NOT fix the LL. I don't know when I will and since I failed at keeping my promise previously, I won't make another until I've got a specific time set aside for such.

But there is a new responsibility I'm taking on. As I mentioned about my CK blog above, I have a new development taking place. I have purposefully been avoiding posting anything else there for fear of copyright infringement issues- but I think I came up with a new solution for this:

There are some stories (i.e on Amazon) that are online where you as a reader than take a preview look inside. Of course not all the pages are available, and in several cases chapters are omitted. But in my case I don't want readers to be confused since the blog site is purposefully set up for acquiring feed back. Instead I will skip posting certain chapters, but will provide a "previously" type section in between in order to keep the reader up to date on what happened in the prior chapter.

Now I realize this may not work, especially since my chapters are well linked up together, but I want to give this a go since I really do want immediate feedback, but moreover I want people to be entertained rather than having to wait. And more moreover, I don't want the site to go dead and be abandoned. I worked hard on creating it. I want to make it stick for as long as I can, and if that means finding a new solution to work around CRII (my personal abbreviation for copyright infringement issues) then I will do everything I can to find that solution, even if it means not being able to post for awhile longer, as much as that kills me to say.

Well, check back soon and expect a coming update regarding my CKNBS ("Changing Kathryn" Novel Blog Site).

Stephanie K.R.

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