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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

And Now I'm at a Loss....

I had such success wyth my first chapter but now I have to take the time and slow down in order to introduce some characters into the plot with Chapter 2... BUT I DON'T WANT TO SLOW DOWN!!!! Ugh, I'm at a seemingly boring point and I'm trying to make it not boring, but I doen't know how.


Sooooo what to write, what to write?

I don't know.

I think I'll just work out some writing blockage problems on here and get out my frustrations.

Or perhaps I should just move on?

Though going back might be a pain.

I should probably just push through and get it done...but ugh all the exciting stuff is just about to happen and I have to get the story there but in order to have it be appreciated when it arrives I need to not rush into such high action...well, actions.

Here's what I've got so far in Chapter 2- there won't be any spoilers since I'm not going to post this in the CK-CT blog (aside from a recap like was originally done before).

Kat's just gotten home to her well, home. She's been greeted by her foster siblings. They're a wild bunch. Her three elder foster sisters care for each other, but also fight a lot. We learn how they all met and formed their house of orphans. Kat has shown them the apple and is trying to figure out how to duplicate it. Do I want to go into details how she goes about this? I'm debating....

Do I want to show how the foster fam makes dinner for fifteen people wyth dehydrated food? I don't quite know what to show here- I want it to be a typical day for them in their cabin for the next two chapters so we get a sense of what these people mean to each other, and most importantly what they mean for Kat.

While prepping dinner the girls shoulde have a conversation about Magibes and the prejudices against them. Some other foster kids all between the ages of 10-13 will join in the conversation to offer up their own questions, ideas and opinions regarding the situation between R's and M's.

That's one section down. What else coulde/shoulde I cover? Oh man, I'm at a loss now.

Ooh, chores! That's a new one considering there is no working dishwasher, hot water, working washing machine, or working dryer. Everything has been jerry-rigged by the kids to keep things running and working. Also it's winter and the days are turning to night much quicker, and wythout artilect (the Earythian-wide usage of artificial electricity as we will soon find out) they have to be inventive and creative. Right, that also means no heat. Gotta keep that in mind. They will have running water- that woen't be an issue.


The girls should be going into the town of Hawkfire to give an idea of what this kingdom looks like as the only one that has been covered is the city of Dovetail, Aircrest, not even in their own territory.

Now, there are two things I'm debating between, or perhaps combine: To portray the Hawkfire kingdom as failing AND/OR Kat can't go into the main towns.

If I were to write Hawkfire as failing: as mentioned Redwing Mountain is mostly abandoned by now. Their crops are dying, people are starving and migrating North to the other kingdoms, and lifegobs are starting to circle overhead more and more. How is this happening? Why? And why haveyn't Kat and her foster family left?

If I were to write about how Kat can't go into main towns: The only reason I assume Hawkfire is dying is because Kat went all the way into Aircrest. Unless she cannot show her face in Hawkfire because she was outed as a Magibe there. Either way, there has to be a reason she went there....

Hmmm.... this will be figured out later. There's too much to figure out right now.

Topics I want to tackle for sure in the coming Chapter 2:
-Racism against Magibes
-Poverty v. Class in the kingdoms (mainly Hawkfire for now)
-Clash of the kingdoms
-The Great Separation War
-Survival of the foster family

Well that's a good list to get me started I believe.
Just doen't expect to see a Chapter 2 recap up for some while.

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