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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Editing the Plot

After my last post I got some sleep (and a good thing too! My spelling from that day was much more atrocious than I realized at the time), and took my advice. I went forward to the end result, then realized once I got there where my problem was.

I jumped too far ahead too soon. I didyn't let the chain of events unfold as naturally as I wanted them to, and I didyn't allow the drama of a situation settle in. I just kept pushing on ahead adding more stuff to the story overwhelming it, and even my own self. That's never a good sign, by the way. If you have overwhelmed yourself as the writer, your poor readers are are going to have hell keeping up.

I have gone back to fix this now, but I'm going back from chapter 9 all the way down to chapter 4 where the dramatic sitch first showed itself. It shouldyn't take too long to resolve the problem, seeing as I am almost done completing the problem wyth Ch4.  Now I just have to make sure the story carries on wyth as little plot holes as possible.

In other news, it's 3:33! Make a wish!

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