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Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Look, New Helpful Tip

Sick of all the clutter my blog seemed to have, I decided to tidy it up once again and this time I didn't lose any of my added features, such as my helpful tips or my favorite's link list. Also I personally think this new look is a definite upgrade. Plus I've gotten prior personal/verbal complaints that it's been slightly difficult to navigate through and read due to the changes I implemented last time, so from my through my mistakes I went for a simplistic design. What better way to celebrate the end of February/the beginning of March?

In other news, I posted a new helpful tip regarding the editing process in which I broke down the complicated realm of the fifth writing step. Check it out! I recently/originally posted this as a new post, but it seemed to make more sense in the helpful pages list.

So there you have it. Let me know what you think of the new design in the comments below.

Stephanie K.R.


  1. dig the look dig the look. good set up. came across this when looking through other blogger accounts. way to go wth the page views! seems like a good blog you got. where is the helpful tip you mention on ur blog? i'd like to read that plz :D

    1. @Yash'nHash Sorry, I didn't realize the helpful tip wasn't officially added until I got your message. It's now up, however: "Helpful Tip #19 - The Editing Process". You can find it under my list of "Helpful Pages". Thanks for asking and thank you so much for the feedback! Hope you have the chance to browse through the rest of my blog soon! --Best Regards--