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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Random Em-Dash Post

So I may have some helpful info on em-dashes and hyphens, but I've still been using both wrong in the case of substituting them for ellipses.

Ellipses are meant to represent something has been left out, or is being left out in a conversation, often used in cases to show someone's voice has trailed off. In the case of 4 ellipses this is a sign someone's voice has trailed off at the end of a sentence. Still, however, I am inaccurately writing in ellipses where there should be an em-dash, like this taken from Arms From The Sea: "Close your eyes.... Go on now, close your eyes". Once I discovered not to use ellipses like this, I went for the hyphen: "Close your eyes- go on now, close your eyes". The accurate version should have been "Close your eyes— Go on now, close your eyes" (Shapero, 34). 

This mistake can be seen everywhere in my new chapters such as with this prime example: "a multitude of beautiful colors- it’s almost exotic" (K. R., Changing Kathryn). The accurate version should be this: "a multitude of beautiful colors— It's almost exotic".

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