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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Shattered Lives, Fractured Hearts

Before you start freaking, this is NOT a depressing post. It's actually about two other novels that I've got going in the process, and as a result of "Changing Kathryn" they have been pushed aside, lost to my blog. In fact, I don't think anyone even knows about them so here I am, doing some more self promotion.

"Shattered Lives" and its sequel "Fractured Hearts" have been a work in progress since I was in middle school. But once my idea for CK was born, they were taken over and almost entirely forgot about, much to my dismay. The series follows three main characters Blaire Baits, Bridget Quigley, and Serena Gosslin, featuring a few other friends they meet along the way. Each chapter spotlights one of these girls and/or their families, showing how they interact together while diving into their innermost thoughts.

Unlike "Changing Kathryn", SL and FH are realistic fiction regarding the drama high school girls have to face, playing off the horrific stories I have gathered on from my own life and the lives I've played witness to, and of course embellishing those stories, ultimately fictionalizing them while keeping them (hopefully) relatable all the same.

"Shattered Lives" has already been written and edited, though I will be going through the editorial process again as it's been awhile, making sure those edits are up to date and so forth. Once that's done I will be offering up a few free samples- an announcement that should be coming relatively soon. Hopefully "Fractured Hearts" won't be following too far behind. Below are the covers to these two stories combined- 


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