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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Too Many Ideas

I have no idea how to continue. I decided I was moving way too fast in the novel making a jumbled mess out of a lot of information. Now I have to figure out how to reveal that information to the reader without it being overwhelming, and how to move the book along in a timely manner, and how to make the drama happen.

I'll submit my 3rd chapter of the book on my "Changing Kathryn" blog, followed by some ideas that I'm considering pursing, and perhaps I might get some feedback on how YOU might follow up the chapter? Because I am at a total loss. I would really just like to get something written on the page. I'm done rewriting and rewriting with no success. It's turning out too chaotic for even ME to handle. My poor readers, you will be so overwhelmed I'm sure if you had to read it how it was!

It would also be nice to take a moment to allow some time for character absorption; you know, getting to know who these people are emotionally, mentally, physically.... And what about the planet that they live on? There's some other information too I would like to bring out, but not all in one fell swoop. That's dangerously close to overcrowding.

Remember: Sincere input is always appreciated!

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