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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Creating Something Meaningful

I am so used to writing seemingly "meaningless" drama (drama written for the mere sake of adding conflict when it is entirely unnecessary to add). Of course drama, in the case of Shattered Lives, does serve a purpose of its own: to prove a point. Though other times because it adds excitement when I feel it's lacking, and because drama fills in 'time'. Little "historical" side note: It used to be the only way I felt I could move a story along. Unfortunately this "meaningless" drama managed to leak its way into Changing Kathryn, the lack of meaning compromising the whole of this new series and what I want it to stand for.

I have found it to be a difficult task to write something that will make a difference; that will be void of meaningless drama. The question to ask then, is this: how can my writing contribute to society? This is an incredibly important task for me to tackle in today's social climate in regards to racism, xenophobia, and the future possibilities i.e. the plausible dismantling of our constitution. That is why I have worked so hard with Changing Kathryn. Now don't get me wrong, my Shattered Lives series has been written to add it's own benefits to society, but I am unashamed and thus readily will admit that there is unnecessary drama. CK has been written and will continue to be written very carefully as my goal is to ensure an international benefit no matter race, gender, age, etc.

To keep true to this promise I have been doing research, my studying involving the meaning behind certain symbols and colors I have used, and that I hold dear within my own spiritual beliefs to incorporate these into the story without being overtly (key word, there) obvious. I am also including: shamanism, other religions, magazine clippings, news articles...everything I am using and writing has a carefully designated purpose in my book. I have also dwelled (unfortunately yet mandatory) into the awful creations known as "Breitbart" in order to gain better understandings of intolerance.

I've taken the time to journal what I have gained/gathered as I go; I would like my future readers to understand further why I wrote the things I have--after all, a lot of carefully planning is going into this book, and I would like to share that with the world. However, due to potential spoiler alerts, I think I will only share these meanings upon request. That is, until I can find a better solution.

Case-in-point, I'm trying to write for change, love, tolerance, and spiritualism. This is what I want to share with you, readers. And I promise to continue striving towards that.

Stephanie K.R.

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