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Quote of the Month
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Thursday, April 27, 2017


I am very VERY serious when I say I want to start a summer-time writing/art mag (The Creative Coast) so PLEASE let me know if you are interested in helping me get started for this. Whether you want to be an editor, organizer, planner, or a submitter DO NOT hesitate to contact me. There is very likely chance this won't be for just sheer volunteer work but could very well wind up as a chance for me to pay you to help me. I will NOT guarantee this just yet as I need to start a fund for this project n order for a payment plan to be settled and determined, but if you are at all interested PLEASE contact me. And if you know of anyone who might be interested, tell them all about this.

Thank you!!!
Stephanie K.R. [stephaniek.r.blog@gmail.com]

A Highlight of Today's Events

So I got to try kava in class. It tastes like watery grass--which sounds freaking terrible, I know. But it was not as horrible as I'm making it sound, believe me. (Or don't. Try it for yourself!) I also finished writing up an abstract for my anthropology (on psychoactive drugs) class, AND with time to spare! As a result I started cleaning up my blog a little bit. There aren't noticeable changes, I'm sure. But they're there if you look for them (i.e. all located in the sidebar). #gome

Sunday, April 23, 2017

World Building- TheNobleMobileWay

In my Creative Writing class we are doing a "world building" exercise, and I'm concentrating on West Earythia (from Changing Kathryn). To get into more I decided to write up an advertisement for a cell one might see in this world. I liked how it turned out so I've decided to share it here:

"MobileWay from TechWay Inc. produces the NEW G2G! Opt for our 1Hour Free Trial-- If you like it, use our PriceTag to set your OWN price! #thenoblemobileway."

Thursday, April 20, 2017

I Just Want to Type

I don't have the energy to concentrate on my work whether it be my novel or my homework. But I just really want to type. I want to write something. Anything. And thus I have taken to writing about how I want to write.

And now as result I know what I want to do:
I want to continue my world building exercise.

This is why it's good to blog stuff even when the brain is fried. It might just manage to ignite another spark.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Summer Goals

I know it's a little early for this, but I can't help thinking about my summer goals already, thus I've taken to creating a list for my own benefit: like my goal to start up hiking again, or finding a vocal instructor, getting organized around the house, or my changes regarding eating habits. But I don't want to bog you down with these mundane facts about my life. No, what I want is to share with all of you my idea to start a legit magazine. Not like my midnight generated idea making it about digital (Sim) lives; this will be about real ones. Real artists. People who are not yet known to the world. I might want it to be Oregon based, to start off. Perhaps even more focused towards Eugene only, just for the first issue, as a concentrated focus might make a first-time magazine easier to manage. And then, assuming it can become an established (even if just somewhat) magazine, branch off to other cities in Oregon and then move into Washington, and then California (assuming it will become big enough to do that).  But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is just one issue fixed on Eugene, Oregon, and the unknown talent that's located here.

I call it: The Creative Coast, and I've already got the line-up:

Seasonal Statement: Letter/s and Stuff From the Creator, Editor, & Staff
Up and Coming: Newly Published/First-Time Authors
Life Documented: Honest Narratives Through Writing and Photography
Rhythmic Composition Alliance: Poetry Section
Painted Paper: Drawing/Painting Section
Beyond Reality: Fiction by New/Unpublished Writers
Critique Report: Critiquing and Analyzing Art of ALL Forms
The Square: Ads

Now I just need the people to make this happen....
Wish me luck!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Monthly Quotes

This is something new I'm going to start doing. Originally I thought about doing a “Quote of the Day” on “Pen Guardians” but I have been too busy to keep up my online writing group over the school year and have thus made a final decision this will only be active during the summer seasons. However I like the idea of using “fixed” quotes on “…Secret Writer”, though perhaps NOT daily considering the overwhelming accumulation of blog posts that will result. From now on I'll be posting “fixed” quotes at the beginning of the month until I just can't do it anymore. I know we're already half way through April and that I've been blogging for...whoa, almost a year now?! But hey, who’s to say I can’t start a new tradition half-way through the month? Without further ado, I now introduce my “Quote of the Month” [saga]. Check it out!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Application for KIDD Tutorial: Getting Honest

“I created the OASIS because I never felt at home in the real world” ― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One (p.79). I think this is my favorite quote I have come across as this is why I write. I have felt misplaced, fear, rejection, pain…reading and writing are the ways in which I escape my real world; they are my OASIS. I want to read something that transports me to a different time, or perhaps to a different world altogether. I want to dwell into the lives other people live and see that perhaps that my own life could always be worse, or on the flip side: I can strive to achieve something better. I want to write to bring this same sense to the world with my own writing; to help people identify with a fictional character that can bring them out of their own potential misery and into a world where they can fix something, cure someone, and where there are no limits as the ones we have set for us in the real world.

Whenever someone has asked me what I want to be, my first response is “to be an editor”. Following that, I tell people I am also striving to become a published author. Currently I do not feel I have the complete list of necessary skills to achieve either of my goals, but I want to have the confidence to be able to confidently pursue both of my dreams without a doubt in my mind that I can do either one successfully; this is what I hope to gain by entering the Kidd Tutorial. I want to know what it means to be an editor, what it means to be a writer, and to know how to separate these from each other.

KIDD Tutorial Application Sent!

Today I applied for the KIDD Tutorial which is, in the program's own words, "A yearlong sequence of courses for undergraduates in creative writing, intellectual inquiry, and craft-based research". Based on my understanding, I will be in a workshop setting gaining information regarding how to edit, how to get work published, learn the ins-and-outs of publishing houses and their process, hear from agents, meet with agents, and most importantly: learn what it takes to write a novel (that doesn't exceed 300 pages).

This is what I have strived towards since I began my education, and now I have been presented with the opportunity to actually become part of of this process. To get more in depth into what this process is, however, I went onto the KIDD Tutorial site and copied some of the details I found most exciting--

I will be "encouraged and challenged" all year by writing for all three genres, even if my focus is creative writing as it is important to know how to be flexible in your work, and it also helps give new definition to your abilities. I will be "Reading critically as a writer" as this "is an essential life-long skill for all writers...to examine how authors have put together a story, poem, or essay; what craft choices they have made; and why they made those choices and to what effect". This will help me make decisions like this regarding my own work. After all, "Asking questions, analyzing, probing, digging deeper into texts both published and self-generated is how writers identify and clarify issues (both thematic and craft-driven) at stake in their own work". And then "In spring term, all Kidd Tutorial students contribute a selection of their work to the Kidd Anthology, which they also help to edit", which goes along with a final creative project, which means submitting a personal and professional portfolio for my own use when applying to internships and jobs, which will consist of "15–20 poems, 3–4 short stories, a novella, or, on occasion, essays in creative nonfiction". And finally there are the KIDD Talks, not unlike TED Talks, which means I get to go to book signings and have my books signed by the "visiting writers who come to campus as part of the Creative Writing Program’s Reading Series. In addition, visiting writers, writers from the University of Oregon, and Willamette Valley area writers are invited to give 50-minute talks to all the Kidd students in an intimate setting. The Kidd Talks vary from lectures about craft elements, to discussions about the authors’ work (students are assigned work by authors prior to the talks), and Q & A. Previous Kidd Tutorial students have frequently named the Kidd Talks as one of the highlights of their time in our Program".

Yes I used a lot of quotes from the page, but (ironically) I couldn't think of better ways to say all this. Besides, that's a lot of rewriting and I just don't have the energy right now. But with that notes aside: I am hoping to all the Gods/esses and Deities of Writing that I get to become part of this program. This has been a life-long dream of mine to be part of something that sounds so...well, amazingly beneficial. Quite frankly it sounds too good to be true. But even if I don't get in for Fall 17, damn it all I am going to apply until I can get in.

If you're interested in applying at some point too, click on the following link. The deadline for Fall-17 has already passed as of 2 minutes ago, but applications still roll out now and again so follow along and look into it for yourself @ https://crwr.uoregon.edu/undergraduates/the-kidd-tutorial/course-components/

The application does ask you to get somewhat personal as you are required to write a short few paragraphs regarding why you want to apply, why you write, what you read and why, etc. I felt I was asked a series of relatively personal questions based around my writing, and I am proud of my statement, so don't be afraid to check it out. Especially if you're considering applying too. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Creating Something Meaningful

I am so used to writing seemingly "meaningless" drama (drama written for the mere sake of adding conflict when it is entirely unnecessary to add). Of course drama, in the case of Shattered Lives, does serve a purpose of its own: to prove a point. Though other times because it adds excitement when I feel it's lacking, and because drama fills in 'time'. Little "historical" side note: It used to be the only way I felt I could move a story along. Unfortunately this "meaningless" drama managed to leak its way into Changing Kathryn, the lack of meaning compromising the whole of this new series and what I want it to stand for.

I have found it to be a difficult task to write something that will make a difference; that will be void of meaningless drama. The question to ask then, is this: how can my writing contribute to society? This is an incredibly important task for me to tackle in today's social climate in regards to racism, xenophobia, and the future possibilities i.e. the plausible dismantling of our constitution. That is why I have worked so hard with Changing Kathryn. Now don't get me wrong, my Shattered Lives series has been written to add it's own benefits to society, but I am unashamed and thus readily will admit that there is unnecessary drama. CK has been written and will continue to be written very carefully as my goal is to ensure an international benefit no matter race, gender, age, etc.

To keep true to this promise I have been doing research, my studying involving the meaning behind certain symbols and colors I have used, and that I hold dear within my own spiritual beliefs to incorporate these into the story without being overtly (key word, there) obvious. I am also including: shamanism, other religions, magazine clippings, news articles...everything I am using and writing has a carefully designated purpose in my book. I have also dwelled (unfortunately yet mandatory) into the awful creations known as "Breitbart" in order to gain better understandings of intolerance.

I've taken the time to journal what I have gained/gathered as I go; I would like my future readers to understand further why I wrote the things I have--after all, a lot of carefully planning is going into this book, and I would like to share that with the world. However, due to potential spoiler alerts, I think I will only share these meanings upon request. That is, until I can find a better solution.

Case-in-point, I'm trying to write for change, love, tolerance, and spiritualism. This is what I want to share with you, readers. And I promise to continue striving towards that.

Stephanie K.R.