Quote of the Month

Quote of the Month
Quote of the Month: Jan. 2018

Friday, April 14, 2017

Monthly Quotes

This is something new I'm going to start doing. Originally I thought about doing a “Quote of the Day” on “Pen Guardians” but I have been too busy to keep up my online writing group over the school year and have thus made a final decision this will only be active during the summer seasons. However I like the idea of using “fixed” quotes on “…Secret Writer”, though perhaps NOT daily considering the overwhelming accumulation of blog posts that will result. From now on I'll be posting “fixed” quotes at the beginning of the month until I just can't do it anymore. I know we're already half way through April and that I've been blogging for...whoa, almost a year now?! But hey, who’s to say I can’t start a new tradition half-way through the month? Without further ado, I now introduce my “Quote of the Month” [saga]. Check it out!

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