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Monday, June 5, 2017

An Entire Month Without Blogging?!

You can always tell how involved I am [with school] when I go an entire month without obsessively posting about something on my blog. In this case it's all been thanks to my amazing classes (more on them later), but especially my writing class. It has been turning me into the writer I never imagined. I thought I was good (perhaps mediocre), but damn has this really shed light on my work! How to make it better, more relatable, focused, etc. My professor has told me how impressed he has been with the stuff I've been turning out, especially when it has come to making "Changing Kathryn" a series of short stories I will eventually turn into a novel Charles-Dickens-style (Oliver Twist).

I'm almost done with Part I: The Metamorphosis. It's will be an estimated 22-25 pages, definitely no more and no less. (It helps this is part of the requirement for my writing class considering this is actually being written for an assignment. How freaking awesome is that?!?!?!) And already I'm starting to contemplate how Part II will go; I want to focus on her new life post-metamorphosis. I'm in debate about titles, meaning I don't know if I should start designating one to it yet. Though there is one I'm considering putting into play: Part II: The Transfer. But my heart isn't quite set on it.

Still though, I'm not going to even begin story boarding part deux until this current one is done.

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