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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Blogging for the Sake of Writing

I just want to type something out and write but I'm not quite sure what I want to say, so here I am, rambling about...?

I love my keyboard. The way the slick black keys feel beneath my fingers as I glide each finger from the keys at a rapid rate. When I slow down I notice how soft they are, the keys, not my fingers. The lettering only noticeably worn thin on the E, S, and N keys. Why these letters...well, perhaps it is because of all my secret codes I use? The ones involved in conspiracies across the world? Or perhaps these are simply the most commonly used letters? I'll let you decide ;) A blue light dims or brightens beneath the keys not illuminating the letters but can aid nonetheless in visibility through the even spaces; each key is separated from the other by one millimeter. Their spaciousness is undoubtedly what aides in the clacking I have always associated with typewriter noise via my imagination. It's a sound I love; a sound that inspires me to write meaninglessly or with great inspiration.

And this will conclude my random late night blogging regarding my keyboard. Something I honestly didn't think I would wind up writing about, but alas what do you know?

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