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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fixing Writer's Block

This should be a helpful story-

I have been dealing with juggling a lot lately and have thus been having trouble focusing on writing my Changing Kathryn book.

Scratch that politeness. I've been dealing with some bull**** writer's block. Normally I have generally been able to fix this by going to my other/less talked about book series Shattered Lives. But I can't quite scratch the surface of this one either. I abandoned it quite some time ago by complete accident and keep having trouble picking it up where I left off (on page 482). And only in the middle of the prewritten timeline. So...yes. I'm having trouble continuing that one. I have thus decided to start a new short-and-possibly-be-nothing-piece altogether. It is so new all I literally have written right now is "Bailee Sutherland lived in no ordinary family." That's it. Lame I know, right? Or maybe I can make it work. I don't know. I'm going to keep the lame a** line and see where it gets me.

Improv writing.

This is how you fix writer's block.

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