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Quote of the Month
Quote of the Month: Jan. 2018

Read This!

Read What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers originally published in 1990; Author: Anne Bernays.

My WR 360 professor printed off Ch. 102, "In Class Revision " pgs 265-266 and just on those two pages I can already guarentee you that you WILL want to read this book. I want to read this book! I'm buying it off Amazon ASIC (as soon as I can).

This specific chapter is a lot of questions to help with the revision process, but it does have helpful tips, though I don't have copies of those pages. Here are some example ideas this book has to offer so you can see if you think it is right for you (Note: these are all quotes directly from the pages):

  • Whose story is it? How does the story reflect this? Is the point of view right for the story? 
  • What is at stake in your story? What is at risk? What can be won or lost? See exercise 97, "What's at Stake"
  • What final meaning are you working toward in your story? See Exercise 100, "With Final Revision Comes Final Meaning" 
There's so many more helpful questions listed, but to type them all would cause my fingers to fall off...and I'm very hungry so on that note just buy the book! I'm sure you won't regret it. 

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