Quote of the Month

Quote of the Month
Quote of the Month: Jan. 2018

Characters Pt.2

This is probably the most helpful thing I've read today about creating characters, thus I'm now sharing it with you. It's from a very helpful book called The Complete Guide to Writing Fiction, which I think I wrote about in one of my other helpful tips. Now I'm expanding on that and focusing on a specific section from chapter ThreeCharacters Will Make Your Story. It sates:

"Your main character should never feel sorry for him- or herself. Even if he finds himself in Auschwitz. He should make the best of the situation or, still better, he should do something about the problems bestowed on him by the author. He should not be passive; a passive protagonist is boring. He should not let things just happen to him He should make things happen! He does not have to be educated, but he should think interesting thoughts.... The protagonist should not be inept; we don't like to read about people who bumble through life, losers who cant cope. They should be good at something.... We like to read about resourceful characters coping with difficult situations." -Barnaby Conrad (pgs 44-45)

Inspiring, right?!

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