Quote of the Month

Quote of the Month
Quote of the Month: Jan. 2018


Having trouble with apostrophes and where they should be placed? Is it Jones's house, or Jones' house? Can you not tell the difference even? Well, I found these two very simple and yet very helpful sites for anyone to check out for that extra little online tutoring help, without having to meet with an actual tutor, or even pay one. You're welcome!



These two sites break the rules down into simple and well organized categories varying from possession and all the way to contractions. I have added both just for some variation in sites as some might prefer one to the other.

And here are some pop quiz examples for your perusal for that additional work:


If there's something else you need that isn't on any of these sites and you don't wish to waste time google searching, email me! And if I don't immediately know the answer, I'll do the searching for you.

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