Quote of the Month

Quote of the Month
Quote of the Month: Jan. 2018

Music for Writing

Exactly like Peter Griffin, I’m very easily influenced by music and I use this to my advantage since I can’t just immediately feel something, unless it’s for acting in which case it’s just acting. I want to feel something real, something natural [when I'm writing]. I want to make sure my readers are going to feel the way I want them to. That’s why I like to listen to an epic fight song and write a scene between two people fighting, or listen to something soothing and write a tranquil scene. I’ll hear a sad song and write the most depressing scene ever or listen to a few comedians and suddenly I feel like I’m the next comic. I often like to immediately switch between songs too and change up the tempos like an emotional exercise as if I’m strengthening my emotions since I have a hard time accessing them on a normal daily basis. Sometimes I do my best writing this way (aside from when I’m completely in the zone and then I’m not even aware that music exists!) So if you’re anything like me try this! It has greatly helped me so now it’s time for you to see what music can do for your writing.

And on that note, enjoy this completely relevant Family Guy clip as I go off to listen to Pandora for my next breakout idea:


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