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Quote of the Month
Quote of the Month: Jan. 2018

Write for the Blind

Due to the short story we recently read for my English class (“Cathedral” by Raymond Carver) I wanted to post this for anyone to try: Pick an object to focus on (or keep with the theme of the short story and describe a cathedral, or it could be completely fictional and in your head only) and describe this in writing as if you were trying to describe it to someone who’s blind...but in different stages.

1st stage: Be as technical as possible

2nd stage: Be as descriptive/poetic as possible (use sensory systems. 
But remember: the person you're describing this to is blind)

3rd stage: Freestyle the description

Note: Try not to look up images of what you're trying to describe. This could well defeat the purpose of this exercise, or limit your imaginative abilities

~ Happy Writings ~

(Originally from "the blog of an unpublished writer")

P.s: I wanted to add this as well-
While the above only an exercise, when you're writing for the real deal (like a book), it helps me to imagine every word I type is going to be read aloud to those who are blind. The goal of a writer is to transport your readers (or listeners) wherever you're writing about no matter where it is, so make sure it seems real, even if it's the most bizarre place your imagination conjures up.

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